The Tipping Point

  • When you as a business owner or CEO are being distracted from critical revenue-generating activities to handle financing or similar issues, it’s time for one of our Virtual CFO to come along side you and make it happen. We can provide support that will translate to real peace of mind and help you avoid many of the growth problems companies face.
  • No matter how small, any company can benefit from having a Virtual CFO to help organize its finances and track its performance.
  • The main reason companies hesitate about appointing senior finance staff is of course the cost. Most finance executives are paid large salaries, which are easily absorbed/justified by larger companies with larger revenues and profit margins. With a Virtual CFO, you only pay for what you use.
  • Our virtual CFO’s are always looking ahead and will not only own the accounting function, but also get involved strategically in how to handle things like debt and equity and how to finance the company moving forward.